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Super Affiliate System by John Crestani

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Hey everyone, this is Catarina Christakos and Sam, I’m going to give you my review of John Crestani super affiliate system.

What is Super Affiliate System by John Crestani

So what is it It is a step by step system on how to actually make money as an affiliate marketer. Now an affiliate marketer is someone who doesn’t have to create their own products. You make commissions off of other people’s products. So John Casey, step by step through the entire process. So you start here and you have to go through every single lesson before you can move on, which I think is a good thing because it gives you all the building blocks in the right order.

Now once you get through the intro, you’re going to go to week one, which is the system set up, which includes setting up your website. Now this can sound scary to someone who’s never done it before, but don’t worry the way he teaches you to do it. Speaker 1: You need no technical skills whatsoever and you have the entire thing up and running in about 10 15 minutes. It’s very, very easy. The next thing I teach you is about Facebook ads. Now, the thing I nd it very cool about this is he actually shares with you the exact groups to target. And when I went through it, there were people in that group that I hadn’t even thought about going for. Now the downside is that Facebook is getting much more strict about what you can promote. So my advice is go through, you know, week one. Um, get your website set up, go through the training for Facebook because it will open your eyes on how exactly to set up a Facebook ad. Now, John’s purpose is not just to have you promoting, make money online products. He wants you to be able to promote anything. And by going through the Facebook training, you will know how to do that.

Next you have your Google ads set up, your youtube ads set up, and then advanced ad tactics, presale pages, and scaling and product selection. So the product selection is if you don’t just want to promote his, um, more from home products, you can also promote anything. And he teaches you how to do it. I was really impressed with the way he teaches. He makes it so simple. It’s baby steps. Anyone can do this. You don’t need to have any experience to make money online. He shows you how to do it and he says that it’s entirely possible to start making money from your rst week. So that’s really, really good.

The other thing I like about it is while he’s teaching you, he does give you, he shows you how to promote his products and you can earn around $500 a sale.

So you don’t have to create your own product at all. That’s the whole point of this. You’re learning how to do afliate marketing the right way. And John is, I mean, he’s made millions with this. He was actually interviewed by Forbes magazine, so that tells you this man not only knows how to teach, but he knows how to do this and actually make money if you are looking to learn afliate marketing and do it the right way. I highly recommend this course because he will get you up and running very, very quickly. And as you can see, one, two, three, four, ve, six weeks, and if you’re not making money, then you’re just not following directions, in my opinion. All right Go ahead, click the link below, get started, jump right in and take massive action so you can start earning massive commissions. Click the link below and have a great day.

Get Super Affiliate System Here