What is the Keto Diet Plan and How Can I Lose More Weight?

What is the Ketogenic Diet Plan?

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The ketogenic diet has helped many of my friends lose weight. This is a high fat, low carb diet. It sounds counter intuitive I know. All our lives we have been taught that fat is bad and yet many people have lost a lot of weight with this diet. Some studies even indicate that more weight loss can occur than with low fat weight loss diets. Is this true? I am not sure.

My friends have lost a lot of weight with it and I am happy for them. As for me, I gained weight. Perhaps I am not doing this correctly  or maybe our body chemistry are different.

My body loves a vegetarian leaning toward raw foods diet. That could just be me. From what I have seen though, there is definite proof that this diet an definitely help certain types of people lose weight fast and eating some amazing foods. I truly wish I was one of them. Either way it is worth checking out.