Who Are the Best Solo Ad Providers













I have been buying solo ads for years. At the bottom of this page are the sellers that I have had the most success with as far as:

  • Optins
  • Communication
  • Sales


Buying solo ads is a serious business. Your aim is to buy high quality solo ads that convert into subscribers to your list and hopefully

The problem is that there are no guidelines. Anyone can become a solo ad vendor. Although many are good, there are also a lot of scam
artists out there. Some take your money and don’t deliver any traffic and others deliver the crappiest traffic
on the planet, resulting in little to no signups let alone sales.

Now no one can guarantee signups and sales. Let’s be clear on that. A lot is dependent on your landing page and offer.

  1. You need a high converting landing page that gets them to an offer
    that that particular audience needs.

2) So the next step is to choose a vendor that specializes in your niche. You do not want to pay for a home business solo ad and send it to a group looking for gardening tips.

I have been burnt by solo ad vendors who cared only about the money and not whether their customers got results. That is why I made it
my mission to research the solo ad sellers out there and find the cream of the crop.

Where to Buy Solo Ads

This list is not going to be long. The contact information though is worth it’s
weight in gold. You can buy ads now knowing that these vendors have a proven
track record, have repeat customers and will actually get back to you if you have
a question.

Here is the key to my Solo Ad vault. Dive right in!

1) Kahled Solo Ads
2) AJ Vip Solo Ads
3) Superior Solo Ads
4) Jazdeep Solo Ads
5) Igor’s Solo Ads I have personally made sales with this vendor. Works well
with high end funnels.
6) John’s Solo Ads

Another great place to buy solo ads when you know which vendors to use is Udimi Marketplace  – New to Udimi? Get $5 off when you use this link

Top Udimi Vendors:

1)William Mcrea – great guy. very responsive. IM and home business ads ONLY!

2)Chandi Nagaraj – has a ridiculously high conversion rate
3)Kujtim Guga – was listed as in the top 3 sellers on Udimi this month

4)Maurizio Pace – over delivers by 10-20 percent
* Are these the only good vendors out there? No, but these are the ones that I have tried, researched and had the most positive reviews.