How to Automate Your Business

How to Use AI and Outsourcing to Automate Your Business

As you may or may not know, I run several online businesses and yet I do not have any employees. Running any sort of business can feel overwhelming if you try to do everything yourself. That is why I absolutely love AI and automation. I find tools and software programs to take care of the tasks that I do not have time to do. This leaves me to run the parts of my business that I actually enjoy. In this article, I will share with you the tools that I personally use to get things done. They allow me to take vacations, take off for the day to go play at Disney and basically have a life. I hope that you find them helpful. Many of them will include my affiliate link and I only promote programs that I personally use to run my business.

How to Manage Multiple Blogs on Autopilot

Managing one blog is hard enough. You need to install templates and plugins and updates and content. This alone could be a full time job. I use wpcommander to handle all of this. You can configure it with the templates and plugins that you want installed on each blog. Then you click a button and it will automatically install it on the domains in your hosting accounts. They have different plans  and the lowest plan starts at only $8 a month. This will save you a ton of time.

It also incorporates with different content sources so you can curate and schedule content that you want to be posted.

How to Turn Your Blog Posts into Ebooks and Free Reports


I am all about saving time. That means that every piece of content that I create must be able to be used in multiple ways. One way that I use my content is by re-purposing it into free reports and ebooks. You can give these away to your list or use it as a lead magnet to get them on your list in the first place. Here is the program that I use – Designrr. It allows me to take any blog post and turn it into a report or book in less than 5 minutes. (pdf format or even flip books). The cool thing is that it is so simple to use that you can even get your outsourcers to do it for you.

How to Automate Your List Building

There is a brand new software that I am using to automate my list building using Facebook and Twitter and Your Blog. This software automatically interacts with your customers and automatically builds your list and sells for you. If you want to learn more go here: Automatic List Building Software 

I have never seen a software do what this one does. It will revolutionize the way that you build your list and make sales.

How to Convert Your Blog Posts into Videos

There are several ways to convert your blog posts into videos. Some are free and others are paid. I happen to use several programs but the easiest that I have found is this one. I went ahead and got you a free 7 day trial: Content Samurai

And Finally, my favorite traffic automation tool…..

Automatic Organic Traffic Generation

This is my all time favorite tool. I used to spend a ton of money on traffic that I had to keep paying for month after month. This new software program allows me to build out as many sites as I like in minutes per site. Now here is the really cool part. Are you ready? I do not have to write a single word of content.  I can build a million pages of content per website without having to write a single word. Even better I can direct that content to any site or offer that I want. Take a moment to let that sink in. Millions of pages of content in the organic search engines like Google all directing traffic to any offer that you want. You could build a huge list, make sales, boost rankings… Do you see why this is my favorite tool?

So what does it cost? There are several packages, depending on how many servers you want. Oh the servers come with the software. After that the only cost you have is for domains and hosting and they often have special deals on that. If you have even an ounce of vision and can see the possibilities check it out here: Organic Traffic Platform.

  • Remember to learn these strategies yourself first and then hand them over to outsourcers. You should only do the aspects of your business that you actually enjoy and/or that bring in the most income. Leave the rest for others to do so you can actually have a life!