Why Start an Online Business?

Should You Start an Online Business

Starting an Online Business is the dream. The ability to work from home and actually have the freedom to travel, and live a life of possibilities is something that many of us hope to attain. Hoping is not enough though. You need to be clear on what your goals are and why you want them. So I thought I would share with you some of my personal goals as part of my Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Challenge.

Goal #1 $10,000 month 

Why: I want to pay off my credit card bills in my first month and be able to relax in the knowledge that I have a cushion of funds in my account.

Goal # 2 $30,000 a month

Why: I want to be able to fly my sister, her fiance and their kids down for the holidays.

Goal #3 $50,000 a month

Why: I love to travel. I want to go on a first class cruise every 2 months knowing that my businesses continue to bring in automatic cash flow.

Goal #4 $100,000 a month

Why: I want to be able to take my entire family on a family reunion cruise for my parents 50th Anniversary. (aunts, uncles, cousins, immediate family)

What are your goals and why do you want them? What will they do for you? What will your life look, sound and feel like when you attain your goals?

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